About Us

Today’s ever-increasing competitive environment means that more business challenges are riding on each product design than ever before. You need more than just quick technical fixes from your engineering service providers. You need a more meaningful partnership.

Zelos helps you meet your business goals through substantive collaboration in product development, enhancement and other engineering projects by employing proven methodologies and design expertise. We tailor each project engagement to your specific design, budget, time-to-market and Intellectual Property requirements.

We combine our design experience and industry specific domain expertise with our advanced analysis and modeling capabilities as well as proto-type manufacturing services to offer the most comprehensive portfolio of engineering solutions available in the industry.

Zelos is a full service premium engineering sourcing company that provides turnkey solutions or customized consulting services for new product development as well as enhancement of existing products. Whether the objective is to accelerate the design cycle, meet budgetary goals, achieve cost reduction of products solve complex engineering problems, or simply to supplement resources, Zelos delivers customized solutions to entrepreneurial ventures as well as established companies.