If you are a Start-Up company then your concern is more than time-to-market. In fact it is Time-to-Money. Zelos helps ensure that emerging technology companies or start-up ventures meet their design milestones by employing skilled designers with specific domain expertise who apply proven tools and methodologies. This approach not only helps you conserve precious capital, but also infuses your internal design teams with know-how that can prove to be critical during your next phase of business be it raising new capital or alpha/beta release of products and technologies.

Today, one cannot simply rely on generic technology or tools to overcome design productivity and predictability hurdles. Zelos offers an integrated portfolio of services that include conceptualization, design, analysis, prototype manufacturing, testing and qualification of alpha/beta release.

In fact, we can be the extension of your engineering department and start projects from concept generation and take them all the way through manufacturing. Or we can provide support to your existing engineering team or offload excess engineering work.

We cover the entire range of mechanical design, industrial design, solid mechanics and structural design, reliability and predictive engineering, functional simulation and analysis as well as documentation to offer a comprehensive capability to be your effective engineering partner.

As your trusted engineering partner, we are committed to realizing the business goals of your investments.