Indeed outsourcing of various engineering activities has become increasingly common in most industries. But the risk of not having a good partner and ending up with a failed product or project underscores the need for careful considerations on choosing the right one out of the many apparent choices. Does the potential outsourcing partner have enough expertise in your specific area? Do they really understand your customer’s problems and needs that you are trying to solve? Do they offer the value you are actually looking for? The answers to these questions can make a world of difference to the success of the projects.

At Zelos, we have carefully researched and developed programs that offer discernible value propositions to meet specific engineering objectives and business goals. But the most important aspect of our value proposition remains our proven expertise in the specific domains that we serve. Our collective expertise in various engineering disciplines in semiconductor equipment, bio-medical instrumentation, aerospace, telecommunications etc gives us the edge to offer higher values to our customers.

  • Strong Industry Specific Domain Expertise to understand client’s specific challenges and objectives and to provide tailor made solutions.
  • Higher Level of Collective Experience.
  • Multidisciplinary Expertise.
  • Wide Range of Services to meet time-critical, cost-sensitive and core expertise driven engineering projects.
  • Support Services to augment the main course of Engineering Resources.
  • Combination of On-site, Off-site and Off-shore services to provide maximum benefits to customers for time to market and budgetary goals.