In the last 16 years of our impeccable track record as a leading provider of premium engineering services, one constant parameter has been the high quality of our people. In the engineering service sector, a company’s human assets are the most important ingredients of its success. At Zelos, we are always looking for people who participate in our growth with their technical expertise and work efficiency.

You may be one who has attained a high level of engineering expertise which you can employ to offer technical excellence to our clients with a discernible higher quality. Or you can be one looking to enhance your expertise and have an insatiable desire to enhance knowledge and an uncompromising attitude towards delivering on objectives. We need both levels of talent in our company to provide a comprehensive team offering to our clients. Based on the job category we consider the following to make our selection:

  • Engineering/technical
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communications Skills
  • Organizational Abilities
  • Adaptability to Customer Environments

Zelos does not just offer you a job opportunity. We bring to you an opportunity for professional growth, personal satisfaction and financial accomplishments. With a very competitive remuneration and benefits package we strive continually to support our employees the best way possible with their needs.

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